Saturday, 13 August 2016

Places available for my next workshop at Charleston House

My V&A workshop has now sold out, but places are still available for my next workshop at Charleston House in Lewes in November

Book your place here

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Charming Tudor House in Hastings

I've posted about this house in Hastings before. 

It was the inspiration for the house in my piece 'Once upon a Time' (below)

I've taken photographs of the outside of the house and posted them on here previously, but today, as part of 'Hastings Old Town Carnival Week', we got to see the candle-lit interior, as it was open to the public for one day only.
This Tudor house on three levels was originally built in the 16th Century, and was recently renovated by Alistair Hendy, (who also owns a a quirky home-ware shop in Hastings)
 'AJ Hendry'
and who was conscious to restore the traditional Tudor interior, while furnishing the rooms with more modern objects to create a cosy, livable space. 

the rustic kitchen

outside lavatory (below)

I love these old tiles!

back door leads to the kitchen

the upstairs bathroom (with lead lined bath)

there's even an en-suite bathroom in the master bedroom!

Friday, 29 July 2016


Finally moving into my new studio this weekend!

 (Below) as it was before the renovations...  

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Paper Cut Dioramas: Workshop at Charleston House, Lewes

Here are some photos from a workshop I led this week at Charleston House, former home of The Bloomsbury Group, and now a historical house/museum in Lewes, East Sussex. 
I'd never visited Charleston before, but I have to say, it is magical place, in the middle of nowhere, it is so peaceful. I can see why the Bloomsbury Group were attracted to it. 
I'll admit I have always been quite ignorant of 'The Bloomsbury Group', but having a guided tour around the house, opened my eyes to what an established painter Vanessa Bell was, and how (I would say) she is overshadowed by her sister 'Virginia Woolf'. 
The house and gardens emit a wonderful calming ambiance, perhaps helped by the fact that it was a beautiful sunny day on the day of my workshop . 
I was invited to run a one-day workshop based on the house and garden, and it's famous inhabitants. Below are photos of the students working on their paper-cut projects. 

The students created some really lovely work, bearing in mind some of them had never used a scalpel or done any paper cutting before. 
Drawings and printed illustrations were cut and pasted onto several frames, which were built up in layers, and then framed inside a wooden box frame. 
Inspiration came from the house, gardens, and from text in Virginia Woolf's books.

Some of the gardens at Charleston House.

I'll be running another workshop at Charleston on Monday 7th November
Click the link below for booking details

Charleston House is open to the public Wednesday - Sunday.
For more information, go to

Monday, 18 July 2016

New Animations for British Airways & AMEX



Digital Animations:
Creative live: Dec 2015 - Jan 2016
Creative Agency BBH London
Clients : AMEX & British Airways


Digital Banner:
Creative live: March 2016
Creative Agency BBH London
Clients : AMEX & British Airways

Monday, 11 July 2016

Work in progress...

I almost forget to breathe when I am working on something as small as this... 

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Tunnel Books Workshop at The V&A Museum

I will be running a one-day workshop at The V&A Museum on Saturday 3rd September. 

Using a variety of paper and paper crafting techniques, you will learn how to plan, design and make your own tunnel book inspired by the V&A’s collection.

tunnel book with light by Su Blackwell

To book your place, please go to The V&A website to book online or by phone
For information on the V&A's Collection of historical Tunnel Books,